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No Experience Necessary!

Other Desert Cities
Directed by Meg Phillips Crespy

Auditions: Monday, September 22 and Tuesday September 23 at 7:00pm
Location:  CEC Theatre (1800 Nelwood Drive)

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Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Performance Dates:  Nov 6-9, 13-16, 20-23

Roles: 2 Males, 3 Females

Brooke Wyeth (mid 30s to mid 40s) - a New York writer out of place in the desert. A survivor of years-long depression, impassioned about her art. Mercurial, attractive and complicated. Has profound but ambivalent feelings about her family. 

Lyman Wyeth (late 50s to late 60s) - the patriarch of the Wyeth family. Conservative, charming, kind. "Sturdy in the way of old Californians of a particular type." Loves his family deeply.

Polly Wyeth (late 50s to late 60s) - Lyman's wife, mother to Brooke. Elegant, passionate, fastidious, devastatingly smart, with one hell of an edge. Concerned with preserving her family, fiercely protective.

Trip Wyeth (late 20s to mid 30s) - Brooke's brother, a TV producer with A.D.H.D.  Bright, funny and smarter than he gets credit for. The family peacekeeper, devoted to his sister's health.

Silda Grauman (late 50s to early 70s) - Polly's sister. A mess. A former TV writer, fresh out of rehab. Creative with a Bohemian vibe, enjoys an audience. Reckless, funny, bold but fragile.

If you have any questions or need to schedule a different audition time, please contact the director, Meg Phillips Crespy at

CEC celebrates the diversity of our community. Anyone, regardless of background or experience, is welcome to audition or participate in any way!

Helpful Audition Information
Whether you have auditioned many times before or have never auditioned for a show at all we would like your audition to be a fun and memorable experience at CEC. We have put together some helpful hints to make your audition a good experience.

Nonmusical Auditions (Straight plays)
Dress appropriately for the audition. Wear something you will be comfortable in. The director may have you acting out a scene in which there is a lot of movement. Speak clearly and loud enough so the director can hear and understand you.

Musical Auditions
Dress appropriately for the audition. Women - Do not wear tight skirts, dresses or clothing that will impede your movements. Also bring comfortable shoes to wear. High heels and sandals will get in the way. Men - Don't wear ball caps or sunglasses during the audition. These items are a distraction to the director. Wear clothes that you would work out at the gym with. If you have dance shoes Please bring them otherwise bring tennis shoes. CEC has facilities in which you may change clothes if you wish to bring them. Remember that you are not auditioning for a fashion show.

Have a Song Prepared
Choose a song that will emphasize your vocal range and will allow the director to hear you clearly. Even if you just sing Happy Birthday, practice it before you audition. During a musical audition an accompanist is available if you wish to bring sheet music. A CD player and cassette player are also available.

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