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No Experience Necessary!

Monty Python's Spamalot
Directed by Jacob Huskey
(AD Brianna Dyer, Music Director Alex Kirby, Choreographer Maggie Killian)

Audition Dates/Times*:  Friday April 4th (7pm); & Saturday, April 5th (2pm)
Callbacks: Sun, April 6th (2pm) 

*If you are unable to make these times, we would still love to have you audition! Please email Jacob (see contact info below) as soon as you know an alternate audition is necessary so that we have plenty of time to get you scheduled in.

Audition Location: Bethel Baptist Church, 201 E. Old Plank Road

What to Prepare:  Please prepare an approximately 2-minute selection of a song from a musical that is comedic in nature.  Women interested in auditioning for the Lady of the Lake may choose a serious song and play it ridiculously over-dramatic.   Musical accompaniment is preferred. If it is available, please bring sheet music to be played by our accompanist; otherwise a CD/digital track will be just fine.

Because this show is a comedy, we are looking for performers that can act while they sing. This means the song is not only an opportunity to show us your vocal ability, but it is also the first chance you have to demonstrate your ability to act-- so choose a song that showcases both!  Pick a song that is funny and use the space to move around during your piece. Don’t be afraid to make bold character choices.  We want to see that you took the time to think about your character, movement, and timing and that you made choices that help you get the most out of your song.

The audition process will also consist of a short dance, cold-readings from the script, and singing selections from the show.  For these, no preparation is necessary.
Facebook Event Page:  Coming Soon!

Rehearsals/Conflicts: Rehearsals will begin April 14th and run through June 11th.  There will be a few rehearsals on weekends. Come to auditions prepared to list all potential conflicts you would have with rehearsals. It’s okay to have some conflicts-- we just need to know about them so we can make more informed casting decisions.


Performances: June 11, June 12-15, June 18-22, June 25-29

Synopsis: An uproarious musical “lovingly ripped off from” the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Full synopsis at

Roles:  8 Male, 1 Female. 20 cameo/featured roles of both genders. Also an all-female group, multiple all-male groups, and mixed ensemble. Non-singing roles and featured dancing roles available. 

Casting Notes:  Gender swapping and double/triple/quadruple casting are possibilities. Please do not let the age ranges or character descriptions provided below discourage you from auditioning-- we are open to trying something different. If you put in a good audition for a role but lie outside of the age range or your talents differ from those that we are “looking for”, you may still be a strong contender for the role.


King Arthur: (Male, age 30-45) The King of the Britons; ignorant of his arrogance. Sets out on a quest to form the Knights of the Round Table and find the Holy Grail. Not the smartest fellow despite being very sure of himself. Eventually finds the Grail and marries the Lady of the Lake. It is the very real determination that Arthur shows (despite the silliness of the circumstances under which he is operating) that makes this character funny. We are looking for an actor with a commanding speaking voice and stage presence, and one with the ability to handle subtle humor well. Baritone: Low G2 - High F4

Lady of the Lake: (Female, 20-35) A stereotypical Broadway diva (times 100) who guides King Arthur on his quest to find the Grail. Strong, beautiful, and possessing mystical powers. Ridiculously over-dramatic. We are looking for a bold actress who can show us that they are unafraid to be obnoxious, willing to take risks, and able to perform without holding anything back.  A great singing voice is essential, as she must be able to sing effortlessly in many styles and vocal registers. Low E3 - High B6

Patsy: (Male, 30s-50s) The trusty, but often forgotten servant and steed of King Arthur. Even though he is constantly treated as lower-class by the knights, Patsy seems to “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.” Happens to be half-Jewish. Patsy has almost as much stage time as the leads, so we are looking for someone who can act even when they don’t have dialogue. A funny, physical mover who can tap dance (or at least easily learn how) and do “bit” acting. A strong baritone. Low Bb3 - High G5

Sir Robin: (Male, 20s- early 40s) Not quite as brave as Sir Lancelot.  Constantly running away from danger. He is excited to join the Knights of the Round Table for all the singing and dancing. A Broadway superstar and expert.  Looking for a well-rounded performer: a strong singer, dancer, and physical comedian. Tenor/Baritone: Low D3 - High G4

Sir Lancelot: (Male, 20s-early 40s) Homo  err… Homicidally brave. Kills recklessly to prove his courage. Despite some subtle clues, it is not until near the end of the show that he finds his “softer side” and discovers he is gay. Looking for someone who shows a wide range of acting ability and is capable of shifting from being incredibly manly to outrageously flamboyant. Tenor/Baritone: Low C3 - High E4

Sir Dennis Gallahad: (Male, 20s-early 40s) Dashingly handsome.  Born and raised a lower-class mud-gatherer and political radical.  King Arthur uses the Lady of the Lake to transform him into a knight and convince him to join the Round Table. Looking for a performer with the potential to have a show-stealing tenor voice and who can play a clear distinction between lower-class Dennis and upper-class Dennis. Tenor: Low Bb3 - High Bb5

Sir Bedvere: (Male, 30s-50s) Strangely flatulent; a trusty knight possessing a secret weapon. An inept scholar who flubs his Trojan Rabbit strategy, resulting in severe French taunting. Being naturally flatulent is not a requirement for this role (although the ability to make good farting noises might be). Should be able to sing well with a small group, but does not require solo singing.  Baritone: Low D3 - High G4

Historian: (Male, 30s-50s) A tweedy academic that moves the story along.  Don’t think traditional “nerd” or “geek,” but rather a scholarly man with a slightly idiosyncratic air. Looking for an articulate actor with just a hint of sarcasm in his portrayal. Non-singing

Prince Herbert: (Male, 20s-30s) The misunderstood prince of Swamp Castle. Hopeful, frilly, and pining for love. Loves to sing, but his overbearing father constantly cuts him off. Very excited to find out that Lancelot is gay. Looking for an actor who is not afraid to be ridiculously effeminate and a decent tenor. Low A2 - High A5

Laker Girls: (Female, Late Teens-20s) A bevy of beautiful showgirls that follow around the Lady of the Lake.  Practically cheerleaders. Looking for good singers, but more importantly, good dancers. This group will also play the Vegas Show Girls & Knights Who Say “Ni”. Various vocal parts.

Other Roles: Concorde, Sir-Not-Appearing-in-This-Show, Sir Bors, Not Dead Fred, Herbert’s Father, Head French Taunter & French Guard, Robin’s Minstrels (2-3), Black Knight, Head Knight who says “Ni”, Tim the Enchanter, Mrs. Galahad, Brother Maynard, Killer Rabbit/Puppeteer, Two Guards, Dancing Monk/Dancing Nun, Mayor of Finland

Ensemble/Group Roles: Knights of the Round Table, People of Finland, Monks, Dead Bodies, French Taunters, Disco Dancers, “Bottle” Dancers, etc.  

Contact:  If you have any questions, would like further character information, or need to schedule an alternate audition, please contact the director, Jacob Huskey at

***When choosing to audition, please note that this show contains mild language and some sexual innuendo. The content is very equivalent to the movie.***

CEC celebrates the diversity of our community. Anyone, regardless of background or experience, is welcome to audition or participate in any way!

Helpful Audition Information
Whether you have auditioned many times before or have never auditioned for a show at all we would like your audition to be a fun and memorable experience at CEC. We have put together some helpful hints to make your audition a good experience.

Nonmusical Auditions (Straight plays)
Dress appropriately for the audition. Wear something you will be comfortable in. The director may have you acting out a scene in which there is a lot of movement. Speak clearly and loud enough so the director can hear and understand you.

Musical Auditions
Dress appropriately for the audition. Women - Do not wear tight skirts, dresses or clothing that will impede your movements. Also bring comfortable shoes to wear. High heels and sandals will get in the way. Men - Don't wear ball caps or sunglasses during the audition. These items are a distraction to the director. Wear clothes that you would work out at the gym with. If you have dance shoes Please bring them otherwise bring tennis shoes. CEC has facilities in which you may change clothes if you wish to bring them. Remember that you are not auditioning for a fashion show.

Have a Song Prepared
Choose a song that will emphasize your vocal range and will allow the director to hear you clearly. Even if you just sing Happy Birthday, practice it before you audition. During a musical audition an accompanist is available if you wish to bring sheet music. A CD player and cassette player are also available.

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